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Addressing the education incongruity among the visually impaired population is the need of the hour.

Mumbai, India
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2 years ago


People with visual impairment, children in particular, face major issues when it boils down to learning anything throughout their life. Children with such disabilities are usually low on self-confidence which leads to social, emotional and intellectual partitioning. Currently, the affected people have limited access; learning for the visually impaired people remains constrained to the text which can be accessed and presented through Braille and audio devices. However such traditional methods pos...

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Mumbai, India

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This problem has the following solutions.


Annie- World's First Braille Literacy Device

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Created by Avinash Kothuri


Service for producing tactile books and teaching learning aids

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Created by Pulkit Sapra


Kibo: A one-stop solution to access any kind of Printed, Handwritten or Digital content through audio

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Created by Bonny Dave

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