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A lack of efficient solar agri processing machinery for rice, wheat, maize and millets through its Solar-powered Effic

Bengaluru, India
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1 years ago


Although India is a rapidly developing country, it still relies heavily on its primary sector with almost a quarter of its GDP being contributed by the agricultural sector. A great majority of the population still depends on the agricultural sector for their livelihood with more than 80% of farmers in India being small scale[1]. These poor farmers are unable to make ends meet as they do not possess adequate technology to process crops. Relying on outdated methods to process crops such as ...

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Alto Precision


Furthermore this project will be able to tackle the challenges mentioned in SDG 7 of the United Nations as well with the provision of clean energy machines. As calculated by the Research Insti-tute of Sweden, the Mission Innovation Solution framework states that Alto Precision is targeted to reduce the carbon footprint by 4 metric tons per year by 2030 with a market share of 2% . In order to meet the targets set by Goal 7 of the SDG, this project will play a vital role in restructur-ing the energy consumption model in the agricultural sector at a grass root level .

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Bengaluru, India

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Sustainable Development Goals

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Soil degradation

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Created by Piyush R Golecha


Solar-powered Efficient Machinery for Agriculture (SEMA).

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