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Excessive usage of Fertilizers, pesticides and Water for Agricuture

Imphal, India
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Aeroshil Nameirakpam
2 years ago


Green revolution in India has been a blessing to our country

but side-effect of excessive usage of chemical fertilizers ,pesticides, excess ground water extraction, the Indian agricultural practices have become highly unsustainable, threatening our food security itself.

We need to Start considering Agricultural land as an asset by monitoring, protecting and nurturing it and there is huge urgency in devising new techniques and methods to perform sustainable and data driven ag

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Nibiaa Devices


Lost of land fertility, contamination of the environment, lost of productivity and degradation of ground water table.

Population Affected



Imphal, India

Resources Needed




Sustainable Development Goals

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Auto Soil Drenching Unit

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Created by Farmore Agrotech Private Limited


NIBIAA DEVICES – Farmland Monitoring as a Service (FMaaS)

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Created by Aeroshil Nameirakpam

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