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Extremely low literacy levels in middle school children due to poor teacher quality

Bengaluru, India
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Saras Ramamoorthy
1 year ago


70% of students in middle school cannot read text in English or do basic arithmetic due to poor quality of teachers and teaching. Teachers' proficiency in English is low because of their own lack of exposure to the language. This affects students' ability to comprehend other core subjects leading to an overall downward spiral in learning outcomes.


Learning Matters


The impact of low literacy levels at earlier ages and grades is tremendous as the problem exponentially worsens as students get older. Inability to comprehend basic English becomes a critical show stopper in students being able to complete assessments and exams. This leads to school dropouts which compounds the vicious cycle of poverty.

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Bengaluru, India

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Tara: AI-powered virtual voice teacher and StarTeacher: customised teacher-training programme

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Created by Saras Ramamoorthy

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