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Loss of Agriculture Yield due to Low Availability of Irrigation Water

Udaipur, India
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Puran Singh Rajput
2 years ago


In India, nearly 145 Million farmers having agricultural landholding of around 159 Million Hectares, averaging 1.08 Hectares of land per farmer. While India is always considered as Agriculture dependent economy where agriculture sectors have a major contribution to the country's GDP.
In the last few decades, it is getting changed due to industrialization and climate impacts.
As published in the paper named "Water and Agriculture in India, Background paper for the South A...

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The impact of the problem stated above can be severe considering our demand for food for our growing population and the climatic issue we are facing in-country. For those farmers who are totally dependent on agriculture as their only source of livelihood, losing a certain amount of yield due to any cause lead their family to stay hungry for months. In such scenarios, if they are losing the agriculture yield due to less water, they might be leaving agriculture and moving out of the rural areas to find other options of earnings.

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Udaipur, India

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Auto Soil Drenching Unit

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Created by Farmore Agrotech Private Limited


Making Agriculture more Sustainable by offering a Solution to Water Scarcity problem in Agriculture

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Created by Puran Singh Rajput

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