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Plastic and carton packaging material becoming trash

Gurgaon, India
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Srivardhan G
1 years ago


It is now very common nowadays to shop online. This is increasing the Plastic and carton packaging material usage and no proper regulation. Though single use plastic ban is there , still use of one or other form of plastic packaging say oxo biodegradable plastic is very common. Further, the cartons are also a point of concern. We can just throw them. It becomes trash. But generally,

1)There is abu back scheme or plastics which is not practiced at all.

2)The carton an be recy...

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The problems associated: Increased use of fresh material, and costs involved in producing it Increased dependence on inports for raw materials Increasing trash hills around human habitation. Greats examples of Delhi trash hills Creates water blockage in the drainage system causing havoc even in small rains Answers/Advantages: 1)Have to a create value to it. 2)Provides opportunity of organised packaging material collection system 3)Reduces trash, increases value

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Gurgaon, India

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