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Smart, Actionable, Point-of-use & Rapid Nutrient Estimation Device For Soil.

Bengaluru, India
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A. Soumya Rao
3 years ago


Soil issue has increased manifold over the past decade. The pressing issue has been about land degradation due to over fertilisation and leaching of nutrients from the soil affecting both land & water bodies. There is a need for a device which can estimate nutrients onsite which farmers can use to put the exact amount of fertiliser each crop cycle. The device should be able to give Macro & Micro Nutrient Estimation. Soil testing estimations are error-prone due to the changing lands

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Upsoil Technologies


Affects natural resources with the influx of chemicals like land & water resources. Farmers’ livelihood can be impacted if the land goes barren after repeated overuse and broken nutrition cycle.

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Bengaluru, India

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Sustainable Development Goals

This problem has the following solutions.


Auto Soil Drenching Unit

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Created by Farmore Agrotech Private Limited


Soilscope Device for Rapid Nutrient Estimation

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Created by A. Soumya Rao

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