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The dying art of ceramic pottery in India due to change in Consumer Behaviour which primarily prefers plastic products over natural products

Delhi, India
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Rashi Akar
8 months ago


The Indian handicraft industry is the second largest income generator in the rural sector. But unfortunately, due to the advent of mechanized goods and industrialization, this sector faced many repercussions. This resulted in mass unemployment in the artisanal community of India, and also major loss in the tradition of Indian handicrafts. Therefore, to resolve this prevailing issue, our startup Country Clay came into existence to revive the dying art of ceramic pottery in India as our pr...

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Country Clay



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Delhi, India

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Sustainable Development Goals

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Solution offers a unique, open, free, social marketplace for artisans and organizations to sell their handicraft products online

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Created by Kailash Tulsi Gajara

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