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Unaffordable and Inaccessible Healthcare

Noida, India
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Ina Thakur
1 year ago


According to WHO, Cardiovascular diseases (CVD’s) are the no.1 cause of death globally. 8/10 patients die because of unaffordable treatment. Moreover, spread of Antimicrobial bacteria due to inefficient cleaning of surgical devices is the leading cause of Hospital Acquired infection. Also, unsafe dumping of Medical Waste is the leading cause of diseases & viral outbreak infecting millions. People are dying in absence of affordable and accessible healthc

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About Patients: 1. Cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 cause of death globally. 2. 82% death occur in middle and low income countries. 3. 17.5 Million deaths annually 4. Representing 31% of all Global Deaths About Medical Devices Import: 1. India imports Rs.272 Billion of medical devices. About Indian healthcare: 1. India has 32 Million Cardiovascular Patients. 2. 18000 approx. hospitals in India 3. 68% patients are attended by private hospitals 4. 74% Total health spending is out-of-pocket. 5. Catastrophic Medical Expenditure pushes 39 million Indians into poverty every-year. 6. Only 10% patients have access to hospitals 7. Accounted for one-fourth of all Deaths in India 8. lost USD 236.6 Billion due to CVD 9. lost 9.2 million years of productive life (PYLLs)

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Noida, India

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CRS: Catheter Reprocessing System

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