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Affordable Molecular diagnostics for TB is key to improve the detection rate of Active TB / MDR TB in the Country.

Surat, India
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Santhosh Kumar Mohan
8 months ago


Tuberculosis has been the leading cause of death from a single infectious agent since long, if we exclude the recent COVID-19 phenomena. India is the worst TB affected Country in the world accounting for ∼26% of the total cases.

“For the first time in over a decade, TB deaths have increased because of reduced access to TB diagnosis and treatment in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic” - Dr Tereza Kasaeva Director, WHO Global TB Programme"

Since the Tubercu...

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STRUmed Solutions Private Limited


Target end user pricing for equipment < INR 1 lakh and per test cost < INR 400


Towards TB eradication programme: - Offering affordable point of care Molecular Diagnostic equipment priced less than 1 lakh INR - No need for skilled technicians for pipetting and other such needs - Single automated equipment which will combine Nucleic Acid Extraction, Amplification and Detection processes



Using novel Isothermal Amplification methods for detection of Tuberculosis and Multi-drug (Rifampicin/Isoniazid) resistant Tuberculosis at point of care.




Only in-house testing done so far. Pilots shall be done post completion of clinical evaluation. Collaborated with SMIMER Hospital & Medical College for clinical evaluation - Ethical Committee approval and Local Research Advisory Committee approval already obtained. Principal Investigator: Dr. Hetal Desai, MD [Professor & Head, Physiology], – Nodal Officer MRU – ICMR. Co-investigator: Dr. Pradeep Barde, MD [Asst. Professor Physiology] – AIIMS Rajkot.


Surat, India


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This solution addresses the following problems.


USAID/India’s Accelerator to End TB in India BAA wants to rapidly demonstrate and rigorously test person-centered, high- impact and novel so

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