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Annapurna MPEP Multi-Purpose Energy Pod -Provide a clean, emission & maintenance free, inexpensive clean cooking solution

Pune, India
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Siddharth R Mayur
3 years ago


Ohm CleanTech’s AnnapurnaMPEP is developed using Sodium Nickle Chloride based SALT battery technology to provide clean cooking and power back-up solution for rural & urban households. The cooking system can provide up to 320 degrees C heat on the hot plate and at the same time give about 1kWh of power for household power appliances.
In India more than 300 million people use firewood/coal for their cooking needs, which is the biggest cause of Indoor Air Pollut...

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Ohm Clean Tech




One household using fossil/wood for cooking causes 6.6 kg CO2 emission/ household/day which is > 15,500 kg CO2 / household for an 8-year period and the lady who is cooking inhales soot equivalent to approximately 24 packs of cigarettes which is equivalent to 1.4 million cigarette’s, soot coming out of that is enough to coat and block the lungs of the inhaler. One household using LPG spends > ₹ 450 per month (> 10 kg, 45 ₹/kg of lpg) for refuelling of LPG cylinders. Considering a 8 year period it is a total cost of ₹43,200 per home and gas imports of 120kg/year x 8 = 960 kg ~ 1T per household in a 8 year period. AnnapurnaMPEP will reduce the recurring cost to near zero and pollution to zero, which will have a path breaking impact on life and livelihood over an 8-year period, which is the guaranteed life. Savings in cost, imports, and reduction in emissions. a) Cost: > ₹ 450 per month (> 10 kg, 45 ₹/kg of lpg): Medical Costs: ₹ 5000-7000 / household/year excluding an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) hospitalization, and ₹ 24,000 and ₹ 25,000 cost of treating asthma for women per capita per year in rural and urban respectively as per National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) in 2016. Total deaths and disability count are more than half a million per year. b) National Impact: - reduced import due to AnnapurnaMPEP > 1000 tonne of lpg/ month considering 100,000 houses c) Impact on Earth: reduced emissions is > 15,50,000 tonne CO2 / for an 8-year period considering 100,000 houses d) Health Impact:Ambient and household air pollution caused 5,43,000 deaths in children under 5 years and 52,000 deaths in children aged 5-15 years. Every year 4,84,000 women and children die in India due to long term exposure to smoke in rural kitchens including pregnant women (WHO 2016). Exposure to unsafe levels of pollution, in the womb or in early childhood, can lead to reduced lung function, premature birth, low birth wight, childhood cancers, behavioural disorders, and increased risk of asthma, heart disc eases, strokes in adulthood and diabetes. AnnapurnaMPEP will help in reducing this impact and create healthy India



AnnapurnaMPEP is based on salt battery and PV base power generation & heat dissipation for cooking and power back-up needs of an individual rural or urban home. The Challenges mentioned above are mitigated as following: • Efficiency: The Salt battery technology has one of the highest efficiencies and is proven to have more than 5,000 full DoD cycles. The technology has been proven across the world, both on its life as well as efficiency. • Emission: Zero Emissions. • Affordability: The Salt battery is a new technology in India and is currently being industrialised. Due to the low raw material cost, there is huge potential to expect very low prices per kWh for the battery, which forms 80% of the total cost of AnnapurnaMPEP. Company is working on various engineering innovations to reduce the cost and volume-based pricing which will make it affordable to the end customer. On an operating basis, AnnapurnaMPEP is perhaps the most affordable multi-purpose solution in the market today. • Convenience: AnnapurnaMPEP’s design has been made keeping in mind both tabletop and on ground mounting of the device in either urban or a rural home and the logic is based on push buttons and visual displays. • Unique/Disruptive/Competitive advantage: o AnnapurnaMPEP provides clean cooking & energy access in one device, it 100% maintenance free, zero recurring cost, 100% Made in India, affordable solution that can be scaled form single family to big kitchens. o Ohm has exclusive rights for the SALT battery technology from the manufacturer of the batteries. o Scalable from a rural home to community kitchens.




It is not installed at customer site. We expect it to get installed and used by real customers by April 2021. The earlier target was Dec 2020, delayed by a few months due to COVID-19 situation.


Pune, India


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Sustainable Development Goals

This solution addresses the following problems.


Limited access to Clean cooking solution

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Created by Siddharth R Mayur

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