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Audio Enabled Tactile Graphics

Bengaluru, India
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Saloni Mehta
1 year ago


To address the gap in appropriate learning aids, we are creating multi-sensory alternatives for use in Pre-K to Grade 3 classrooms. For example, children with vision loss cannot access print pictures, drawings. Our books with tactile graphics make it possible for them to read the images with their fingertips. Augmented with audio explanations and sound effects from our phone app, meaning-making is enriched for the child. Children with ADHD often find it difficult to focus on a task for exte...

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We currently have over 1000 users who are spread across 32 schools and resource centres, over 8 states in India and 5 countries across the globe. Our early learning series will be beneficial for any toddler as it provides multi-sensory engagement and tangible play.  While our main product focus is Education for All, there are quantitative and qualitative aspects to what we focus on as outcomes of our products. Quantitatively, for the products that are tech-enabled we track real-time metrics time taken for children to learn to read/learn independently, instances of accelerated learning and overall number of special schools empowered with our tech and resources, and inclusive schools who use our products to bridge gaps and cope with peer standards and the number of resource centres that can make our products part of their rehabilitation process. Qualitatively, there are certain aspects that we value but are not as easy to measure, so we do them through user-feedback. These include social inclusion- the ability to share these books and activities with their non-disabled peers, independence and confidence-building, attitude changes and perception of disability, which triggers continued education and eventually gainful employment.



A mobile application that uses computer vision to make physical-tangible learning products interactive. Watch video to see it in action.




Bengaluru, India


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Transformation of the teaching methodology for people with visual impairment.

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