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Auto Soil Drenching Unit

Pune, India
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Farmore Agrotech Private Limited
2 years ago


SWASTI AUTO DRENCHING DEVICE is an innovative device for precise drenching of any water soluble fertilizer/herbicide/fungicide/insecticide to all horticultural plants. It can be attached to the charging socket of any battery sprayer pump available in the market; the user can set the required volume/quantity of water soluble to drench (i.e 10ml to 500ml*). Further pressing the push button the quantity set will be discharged to the plants which will result in uniform growt...

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Farmore Agrotech Private Limited


Auto Soil Drenching Unit Starts from Rs.1200 to Rs.30000


1. This innovation will overall create a very positive impact on small marginal farmers who are lack on resources and everything, as at early stage the plants can be nourished with perfect nutrients hence plants will grow healthy and this will double their yield and income. 2. This product will create a revolution, as the technology used will benefit the marginal farmers society at a large, due to its affordable cost and less payback period. 3. Wastage of pesticides, money or labour will be saved and in return farmers will double there crop yield.




Swasti Auto Soil Drenching is a device, which can be attached to any Battery Sprayer Pump, Injector Pump or Farm Tractors to control discharge of water soluble fertilizers / pesticide / nutrition's etc. in a simple, effective, affordable and smart way.



2018 Identified the problem 2019 Collected data from 100+ farmers 2019 Started developing the solution 2019 Version 1,2,3 were released & field tested 2020 Version 4 and finally version 5 was released 2020 Market survey & field Trials done with 100+ Farmers 2021 Final Product commercialized


Pune, India


Resources Needed


Sustainable Development Goals

This solution addresses the following problems.


Excessive usage of Fertilizers, pesticides and Water for Agricuture

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Created by Aeroshil Nameirakpam


End to end crop health monitoring and management techniques

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Created by Siddharth Bharadwaj


Smart, Actionable, Point-of-use & Rapid Nutrient Estimation Device For Soil.

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Created by A. Soumya Rao


Women friendly Multipurpose Agriculture Machinehine

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Created by Debiprasad Bindhani


Technologies to improve the availability, utilisation and efficient delivery systems of water for small holder farmers.

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Created by Siddharth Bharadwaj


Loss of Agriculture Yield due to Low Availability of Irrigation Water

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Created by Puran Singh Rajput


Farming involves a lot of drudgeries

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Created by Kampadu Jyothsna


Unit economics for drip irrigation don't scale to farmers needs

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Created by Ranjan Pandhare


Making mechanisation accessible for smallholder farmers.

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Created by Siddharth Bharadwaj


Agriculture labor is expensive

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Created by Kampadu Jyothsna

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