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Economical And Sustainable Solutions For Waste/ Waste Water Treatment

Vadodara, India
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Dr Vanita Prasad
2 years ago


Waste water contains energy in the form of potential energy,
thermal energy and chemically bound energy, all of which can
be harnessed and utilized. Also organic waste has lots of
chemical energy entrapped in it.

REVY is providing in situ solutions in waste management to
several industries using its optimized Waste Water Treatment
Technology WWTT. REVY develops “Designer Bio-culture”
using IP protected comb

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REVY Environmental Solutions


Depends upon waste qty / waster water volume to be treated. For any specific project size pls contact us on


1. Re-usable water - SDG 6 2. Enhanced BioEnergy - SDG 7 3. Total Circular Economy - SDG 11 4. Reduced GHG Emission - SDC 13 5. Significant cost saving in Waste Bioremediation and Waste water Treatment.




Anaerobic granulated sludge developed by REVY is of ~ 1.5 -2.0mm size and contains more than 650 no of various bacteria. This consortium is proven to treat waste water and the treated water can directly be used for irrigation purposes along with energy recovery. The product developed is highly economical uses an industrial effluent as feed material. This ready to use product will provide 26X faster start of AD/ UASB reactors. It can withstand 10 X higher loading rate. It has a capability to reduce 1.5 X higher COD/BOD while giving 2 X higher biogas yield. In summary it will provide Highly stable operation of High Rate Anaerobic Digestion based waste water treatment technology. This will also act as a very cost-effective solution for High Rate Anaerobic Digesters (e.g UASBs) commissioning as well as will work as medicine for all sick units of STPs & ETPs. Once the existing anaerobic digesters as well as upcoming anaerobic digesters start using granulated sludge, their operational functionality will improve drastically, and much more liquid waste can be treatment in a quicker way for its re-use.


The product is to use and provides effective results with 5-7 days of implementation


Pilot trials have been successfully done for following waste types: a. Kitchen Waste b. OFMSW c. Raw Vegetable waste d. Poultry Litter e. Horse Dung And following waste water / Industrial Effluents: a. Sewage b. Food Industry c. Cellulose Fibre d. Chemical e. Dye


Vadodara, India


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Economical and Sustainable Solution for waste / waste water treatment

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