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Mumbai, India
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Kailash Tulsi Gajara
1 year ago

Description is an online social marketplace for artisans and brands to sell their authentic handmade products under their own brand name to customers worldwide.

When we think of handicrafts or handloom, we think of “rural” or “villages” having diverse cultures and traditions. In the old days, these traditions could only be very well preserved in the form of art and craft as very few people were literate. Most of the crafts have their own story but are on the verge of ...

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With the orders that we are generating, and the maximum benefit goes to the artisans, we are definitely making a social impact. We are increasing household income for artisans. We are spreading vocal for local messages and encouraging customers to buy handmade. We also educate and train artisans about digital marketing, technology, and many other business concepts that help them with their respective craftwork. Yes, we definitely feel that we have a great potential to create social impact as there is a huge demand for handicraft products in abroad countries. We have given export quality orders to artisans in Uttarakhand for their Moonj Grass products. We do weekly Instagram LIVE to promote artisans on social media.




While doing our groundwork, we realized that these artisans need a hand-holding approach to overcome these problems using technology interventions. Thus we started building an ecosystem to connect and bring all the stakeholders involved in the craft industry using technology. And was born. We make sure that the artisans are tech-enabled enough to market their products digitally. Our team personally visits artisans, makes their stories, documents their craft, and at the same time checks the authenticity of the product. We provide complete product cataloging for free which includes product photography, writing product descriptions, and specifications. This helps the artisans create their own brand and get the due credit for their artwork. This way every product on megastores is directly sold by the artisans with their stories. Customers get the complete know-how of not only the product but also the craft and the artisan too. As the customer is able to shop directly from the artisan, reducing in between sales channels, assures that the product is available at a fair price. Every purchase on ensures the preservation of our culture and further nurtures these age-old traditional craft forms along with promoting sustainable living. While working extensively on the ground we found that various organizations are working towards the development of the craft sector but are doing it individually resulting in duplication of efforts, broken communication, and lesser growth or scale. By bringing NGOs, Brands along with the government on one single platform we create an ecosystem solving these problems & ensure fruitful collaborations.




Already done in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan


Mumbai, India


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Sustainable Development Goals

This solution addresses the following problems.


The dying art of ceramic pottery in India due to change in Consumer Behaviour which primarily prefers plastic products over natural products

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Created by Rashi Akar

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