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Physical trial based "Sampoorti-Poorti System" for holistic post-surgical prosthetic rehabilitation of mastectomees pan-India and beyond

Noida, India
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12 months ago


After four years of rigorous development and validation (2014 till 2017), we have created and launched on 1 Jan 2018, a single holistic platform aimed at delivering prosthetic needs of breast cancer patients following surgical intervention (modified radical mastectomy and radical mastectomy) by creating two solutions:

“Sampoorti” – An institution-centric product named as Sampoorti which is a mobile and concise suitcase comprising of prosthesis of different sizes and...

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Fair Pay As Per Your Size Structure- The price of a complete Poorti kit varies from Rs. 4500 till Rs. 6750 (Rs. 250 increment as per size)


Unmet/underserved need of affordable and holistic non-invasive solution for the post-surgical prosthetic rehabilitation of mastectomees pan-India and beyond. Even in the developed world , the cost of breast prosthesis is quite high and in the developing countries - silicone breast prosthesis as a solution is still oblivious to the society. Additionally our developed solution - Sampoorti allows for the creation of women entrepreneurs who offer a trial to the patients serving a cause and earning a value in return. Adds to the self-sufficency of India in the manufacturing sector- in the healthcare sector in India where more than 85% of the solutions are based on imports. Also indigenous development and manufacturing allows for the constant evolution of user-centric inclusive solutions rather than imposive solutions which happens through imports (as there is hardly any scope available for improvisation/iteration).




Poorti-Post Mastectomy Kit has been developed to provide a non-invasive and simple solution to breast cancer patients who have lost either one or both breast(s) completely as part of the surgical intervention. In India, since independence, there has been no attempt made so far to develop a complete solution which exactly matches the aspirations of mastectomees in India. This has been either met by jugaads (cotton or foam prosthesis) or through ill-fitting, heavy and expensive imported prosthesis which sporadically cater to a very limited population. All mastectomees in India regardless of socio-economic, demographic and geographic profile will benefit from our solution. In fact we are the first in the world to develop a holistic kit which provides everything a mastectomees requires in a consolidated manner, therefore our product is expected to have a global impact as well. We also have developed and tested technology for bespoke breast prosthesis using a combination of 3D imaging and 3D printing but there are various issues specifically related to affordability, user acceptance and accessibility with this therefore we did not launch it in 2018.


Genesis on 7 February 2014, Social Enterprise Incorporated on 7 February 2017 and the Innovation Deployed on 1 January 2018


User feedback trials were done together with NGOs and hospitals: exisiting users of imported breast prosthesis, patients who had been using cotton prosthesis, new patients who had just undergone mastectomy were included in the study. Both unilateral and bilateral mastectomees were included. Few women who had first undergone reconstruction and developed complications (such as contraction at the site of reconstructed breast leading to asymmetry issues) were also included.


Noida, India


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Post Surgical Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Breast Cancer Patients Who Undergo Mastectomy

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