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Ringway Transportation Technology

Varanasi, India
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Naveen Chaudhary
8 months ago


You won't need to travel into vacuum tube without space suit or fly in sky without para suit. We are developing a safe, fast, reliable, free energy, novel mass transit system of future, without using continuous rail or tube or any support in the travel path of the vehicle. The principle of the present invention developed from the observation of the relationship between the balance points of the beam at rest on two points. It is noted that when a small beam sliding from the edge of a tabl...

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Ringway Transportation





Ringway Transportation, this futuristic mass transportation designed, patented and proposed by Naveen Chaudhary in year 2012. The principle of the present invention developed from the observation of the relationship between the balance points of the beam at rest on two points. It is noted that when a small beam sliding from the edge of a table or wall, given a uniform weight distribution, the beam will be pushed to almost half of its length before tilting occurs. The present mode of transportation is named as ‘Ringway’ transportation system and it is defined as the means of the transportation system in which the vehicle glides and moves in the linear direction with the use of a direct or indirect source of thrust between the ring/frame supported by a continuously aligned plurality of pillars. The present invention solves the problem congestion, carbon, cost, safety, efficiency and speed. There is a need for a revolution in the transportation system to deal with interrelated and surmountable above problems. The Ringway Transportation system maintains the characteristics of traditional rail transportation and air transportation but reconfigures them in a highly innovative design. The design employs that the Steel wheels are replaced by the chain drive wheel and continuous steel rail is replaced by a mover or magnetic levitation components fixed on the ringway pillar support and on the vehicle. The functionality of the pillar support and vehicle is combined. It is accomplished by reversing the orientation of the wheel and the rail. The vehicle is driven by a motor connected to the chain drive wheel assembly placed at the bottom end of the vehicle or by using magnetic levitation. A mover fixed in the frame of Ringway pillar support will stick in between the chain link and tends to move the vehicle in the direction of rotation of the motor. By placing the roller permanently on a fixed structure of Ringway pillar support and the deflection plate on the strengthened vehicle, will help to turn the vehicle at certain curve or elevations. Ringway transportation system uses the principle of the cantilever beam, a projection anchored at one end. Since the vehicle is moving within and is held by the support frames, the effect is to create a cantilever beam. The beam is fixed in its vertical orientation, but the motion is in its horizontal orientation. This futuristic transportation system is to operate at supersonic speed by utilising the magnetic levitation system and introduction of Magnetoplasmaionic (MPI) Engine, which is a free energy system, is introduced to use the earth’s atmospheric energy ions and plasma to convert into direct or indirect from of the power supply, which provides thrust to the vehicle of the present invention.




Varanasi, India


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Energy free mobility solution for future transportation.

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Created by Naveen Chaudhary

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