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Service for producing tactile books and teaching learning aids

Sonipat, India
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Pulkit Sapra
3 years ago


Raised Lines Foundation (RLF) enables equal learning opportunities for visually impaired students by:
  1. Develop and produce an affordable, simplified, perceivable tactile version of visual diagrams from textbooks for all age groups in all Indian languages.
  2. Develop teaching-learning materials (TLM) and aids: Enable students to create diagrams on their own and empower teachers and parents with appropriate TLM and aids so that they can teach efficiently and effectively.

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Raised Lines Foundation


12 lakhs (6 schools require these aids with around 2 lakhs/school)


VI students will get access to complete textbooks just like sighted students and have a better conceptual understanding. Teachers and Parents time and effort will reduce in content creation and explaining concepts. This will lead to inclusive learning in its true sense where both VI and sighted students learn the same concept at the same time but in a different manner. Ultimately there will be a transformational change in the quality of education for students with VI.




1. A streamlined process for mass production of affordable tactile diagrams, successfully reducing cost to 1/5th of the commercial solutions. 2. A team of expert designers who can simplify and design tactile images based on international tactile design guidelines. 3. A core team to conceptualize and develop tangible educational aids.



Types of books done: Text and reference books for state and national boards; Concept-based books and storybooks for children; Training manuals for computers, guitar, mobility, MHM; Types of aids developed: drawing boards, tactile charts, geometry kits; activity kits - colouring kits, tactile blocks Types of material converted: Building layouts, greeting cards, official documents, Braille labels etc.


Sonipat, India


Resources Needed


Sustainable Development Goals

This solution addresses the following problems.


Lack of accessible educational resources (books and aids) for persons with visual impairment

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Created by Pulkit Sapra


Addressing the education incongruity among the visually impaired population is the need of the hour.

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