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Mumbai, India
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Sanjay Tiwari
3 years ago


Gaining the right skills are key to finding your dream job. The 21CC App aims to do just that. Gain access to our structured fantasy map and explore the field of logistics through our gamified content. Achieve real world skills and look for relevant job openings with the 21CC App. Be it the start of your career in logistics or enhancing your knowledge of your current job role, the 21CC App will steer you in the right direction.
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This app will let you find a job in the field of logistics and helps you acquire skills for that particular job. 21CC modules provides skills in minimal time which have been made by experts in the field. The app is available for free on android & ios devices.




Mumbai, India


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Sustainable Development Goals

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Engaging students and improving learning outcomes in low resource schools

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Created by Abhinav Tripathi

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