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Soilscope Device for Rapid Nutrient Estimation

Bengaluru, India
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A. Soumya Rao
2 years ago


Soilscope is an affordable point-of-use device for soil diagnostics. This device which can be used by everyone irrespective of their background with minimal labour and quick testing time. The device will not only measure the concentration of nutrients present in the soil essential for the plant’s health but also provide a recommendation for crops.

Upsoil is a startup which has been working in the field of making soil health monitoring as simple as a glucometer and e...

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Upsoil Technologies




Data while working with 25 Different Farmer groups: 80% Product Acceptance 70% Say ease of use of Product Time reduction of soil testing from 7 days to 20-30 mins.



A Handheld device which comes with a kit and sensors to estimate 17 elements, both Macro & Micro Nutrients along with pH, Humidity & Electrical Conductivity.


Piloting in Feb-March'2021


To be initiated.


Bengaluru, India


Resources Needed


Sustainable Development Goals

This solution addresses the following problems.


Smart, Actionable, Point-of-use & Rapid Nutrient Estimation Device For Soil.

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Created by A. Soumya Rao

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