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SpastoPro: Portable Neurorehab Device for fine motor control

Ahmedabad, India
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Chintan Vinod Shinde
1 years ago


In India, each year, about 1.8 million people suffer a stroke. Eighty percent of all stroke patients experience some level of Upper limb spasticity. 

While timely treatment can reverse most effects of stroke, fine motor movement such as the one required by fingers is difficult to reverse completely. Most chronic cases reach a dead end after recovering about 70%. However, the remaining 30% fine motor movement greatly affects their activities of daily living (ADLs). Learned non-use t...

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Alabaster Research and Technologies Private Limited


8 lakhs




SpastoPro is a portable and powered neurorehab device to be used on stroke patients for improvement in fine-motor control of their fingers and wrists. SpastoPro helps physiotherapists and occupational therapists to ensure that patients have greater adherence to functional therapy. It greatly reduces the drudgery experienced by physiotherapists in flexion and extension exercises of fingers and wrists.



We have conducted trials of multiple prototypes with physiotherapists and are developing the MVP.


Ahmedabad, India


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Sustainable Development Goals

This solution addresses the following problems.


Need for improved stroke rehabilitation therapy practices.

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