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Kozhikode, India
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Swastha is a saas platform that helps to connect every type of user and stakeholder on a single platform and establish a circular economy model between the users for each category of waste. For example, when different types of end-user sign up on our platform, they get access to facilities for disposing of every category of waste generated by them in their local vicinity. While, when a recycling plant onboards our platform, they get visibility to the requirements of end-users in

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100,000 INR


system to monitor, track and analyse the entire infrastructure




Also, volume-measuring IoT devices are integrated between every different stage involved in the flow of waste from end users to recycling plants to track the flow of real-time volume. In the future, we plan to integrate technologies like blockchain and AI to ensure Proof of work between different users for every transaction between them.




Slide 2 start We are presently at the growth stage of our startup where we are piloting three different user cases in Kerala and we have digitized infrastructure processing 10 tons of food waste,5 tons of dry waste daily, and 5 tons of fish waste daily. Presently 2500+ end customers have been onboarded to our platform through these three users. For example, we have digitized an organization named feeder roots which has the capacity to process 5 tons of fish waste every day into manure. initially, We helped them to onboard all their collection points, infrastructure points, vehicles, and drivers into a single platform. then they used the platform to assign the daily collections to specific drivers and vehicles. Later, Drivers could access their daily routes through their interface, helping them work faster and more efficiently with optimized routes. This three-phase process helped them to monitor, track and analyze the entire operations.


Kozhikode, India


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Plastic Waste Management in villages in Kachchh

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