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Technical Training & unit setup for Value Added Dairy Products Manufacturing

Pune, India
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2 years ago


A tiny unit to process fresh Buffalo Milk @ 100 ltrs./day, will be established, at Village level, giving Employment for 3-4 Women(directly) and 10-12 persons indirectly. As per the Market Requirements, Product Mix would be evolved. Accordingly, products would be Manufactured under given Brands.With the help of local Un-employed youths ( for Transportation and Marketing), Dairy products would be marketed in the nearby cities and towns.  

Needless to say that,Since 2000, we are worki...

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Rs.8-10 lacs per Unit


In Rural areas Fresh Buffalo Milk, is available abundantly, and due to improved financial situation, demand for Good Quality Dairy products is ever increasing in Semi-Rural, and Urban areas. If support for Technical and Management Inputs are provided, the Venture can be successful.



Tiny unit to process, 100 liters per day, into VALUE ADDED DAIRY PRODUCTS Manufacturing in One Shift. The Unit is compact and can be accomodated in 150-200 sq,ft. hall.




Pune, India


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